3D Printing Alloy Metal Materials Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 Metal Powder

Mold steel powder is used to make molds such as cold die, hot forging die, die casting die, etc. Particle sizes: 0-45mm, 0-53mm, 15-40mm, 15-20-53mm, 10-15-53mm, 30-45mm, 40-105mm. It is possible to use 3D printing

Powder for Metal Powder 18Ni300

Powder contains very little oxygen. The powder has uniform distribution. It can also be used in powder metalurgisty and 3D printers.

The following powders can be used: DLD[laser/electron/beam additive manufacturing (SLM/EBM), Laser/electron/laser beam desposition, DrD[laser directly deposition], HPI[powder higher isostatic presse], Metal inject molding (MIM), etc.

Excellent equipment. It is compatible with Renishaw UK 3D printing machines and EOSINTM Series Germany 3D printers. Concept Laser or any American 3D-printing machine can all be used. Laser melting equipment, such as Platinum and Huaying High Tech can be designed and constructed.

It is possible to 3-D print intricate and small parts with iron-based powders.

Specifications 15% to 10% 15-50mm-15-45mm (15-45mm) 15-50mm-15-45mm/15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm-15-45mm15-55mm 15-20%/15-55mm15-55mm15-55mm-15-55mm 15-20%-15-55mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm 45-55mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm 45-45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm45mm15-45mm45mm 0-53mm -45mm 0-53mm

Chemical composition (weight%)

Type C Si Ni Cr Co Mo Al Cu Ti Fe
18Ni300 <=0.03 <=0.1 17.0-19.0 <=0.5 8.5-9.5 4.5-5.2 <=0.05-0.15 <=0.5 0.6-0.8 Bal.

Powder oxygen and nitrogen content:

Size of particles O/ppm N/ppm
15-53mm <=800 <=600
45-105mm <=500 <=600

Mold Steel Steelpulse18Ni300

Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 can be affected by damp reunion. Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 can be affected by damp reunions. This could cause dispersion. Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 should be fully dried before placing in vacuum bags. Stress should never be applied to mold steel powder 18Ni300

Packing & Shipping of Mold Steel Powder18Ni300

There are many packaging options depending on what amount of mold Steel Powder18Ni300 is required.

Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 packaging Vacuum packaging. 100g to500g. 1 kg/bag for 25kg/barrel. All enquiries are welcome.

Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 Shipping After Payment is Received, Ships by Air or Sea

3D Printing Alloy Metal Materials Mold Steel Powder 18Ni300 Metal Powder Properties

Various Titles 18Ni300 powder
Combination Formula N/A
Motility N/A
Appearance Different types of grey dust are available (ingot pieces, tubes, parts).
Melting Point N/A
Water solubility N/A
Density NA
Purity N/A
0-20mm, 15-45mm, 15-53mm, 53-105mm, 53-150mm, 105-250mm
Boling Point N/A
Electro Conductivity N/A
Thermal Expansion N/A
Young Modular N/A
Exact N/A
Monoisotopic N/A

3D printer Alloy Steel Materials Mold Steel Powder Metal Health & Safety

Security Notification N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Flashing Point N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Privacy Statement N/A
# N/A
Transport Information N/A
Germany N/A

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