Coating material — ZnS

Overview of ZnS powder
Zinc sulfide (or ZnS) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula ZnS. It is the main form of zinc in nature, and zinc mainly exists in the form of sphalerite minerals. Although minerals are usually black due to various impurities, pure materials are white, so it is widely used as a pigment. Zinc sulfide can be transparent in a dense synthetic form and used as a window for visible optics and infrared optics.

ZnS exists in two main crystal forms, and this duality is usually a prominent example of polymorphism. In each form, the coordination geometry at Zn and S is a tetrahedron. The more stable cubic form is also called zinc blend or sphalerite. The hexagon is also called the mineral wurtzite, although it can also be produced synthetically. The transition from the sphalerite form to the wurtzite form occurs at a temperature of approximately 1020°C. The tetragonal crystal form is also called a very rare mineral, called spherical phosphate, with the chemical formula (Zn, Hg)S. Zinc sulfide is a crystalline solid used in semiconductor and optical applications.
How to produce ZnS powder?
Zinc sulfide is usually made from scrap and used for other purposes. Typical sources include smelters, slag and pickling liquor. It is also a by-product of ammonia synthesis from methane, where zinc oxide is used to remove hydrogen sulfide impurities in natural gas.
Application of ZnS powder
High-purity crystalline zinc sulfide powder is an important basic material, which is widely used in high-tech fields such as civil, military, aerospace and other high-tech fields. It is also an extremely important window material for precision guidance of medium and long wave far-infrared and far-infrared imaging, especially in the field of national defense. Military and other cutting-edge technology fields. The applications of zinc sulfide are as follows:
Luminescent material
Zinc sulfide, with a small amount of suitable activator, has strong phosphorescence, and is currently used in various applications from cathode ray tubes to X-ray screens to emit light in dark products. When silver is used as the activator, the resulting color is bright blue with a maximum of 450 nm. The use of manganese produces an orange-red color of about 590 nm. Copper can emit light for a long time and has the familiar dark green luminous effect. Copper-doped zinc sulfide (ZnS + Cu) is also used in electroluminescent panels. It also exhibits phosphorescence due to impurities under blue or ultraviolet light irradiation.
Optical materials
Zinc sulfide is also used as an infrared optical material, which can transmit from visible light wavelengths to just over 12 microns. It can be used as a flat surface for an optical window or as the shape of a lens. It is a microchip made of hydrogen sulfide gas and zinc vapor and sold in FLIR grade (front looking infrared), in which zinc sulfide is in a creamy yellow, opaque form. When subjected to hot isostatic pressing (HIPed), the material can be transformed into a transparent form of water, called Cleartran (trademark). The early commercial form was sold as Irtran-2, but this name is now obsolete.
Zinc sulfide is a common pigment, sometimes called sachtolith. When combined with barium sulfate, zinc sulfide forms Lithopone.
The fine ZnS powder is an effective photocatalyst, generating hydrogen from water when illuminated. Sulfur vacancies can be introduced into ZnS during the synthesis process. This gradually turns white to yellow ZnS into brown powder and enhances photocatalytic activity through enhanced light absorption.
How to store ZnS powder
Humid mass gathering affects the dispersion performance and use effect of ZnS powder. Therefore, zinc sulfide ZnS powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room. Zinc sulfide ZnS powder should not be exposed to the air. In addition, the use of zinc sulfide ZnS powder under pressure should be avoided.
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