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Multi-purpose lithium nitride powder

The color of lithium nitride powder
Lithium nitride is a metal nitrogen compound with a chemical formula of Li3N. It is a purple or red crystalline solid. It has a light green luster under reflected light and a ruby color under transmitted light. Li3N stands for lithium nitrogen compound, a fast ion conductor material, which should have a higher decomposition voltage, lower electronic conductivity, higher ion conductivity and better chemical stability. Lithium is unique in this group because it also reacts with nitrogen in the air to form lithium nitride. If heated in air, lithium will burn with a strong red flame.

What is lithium nitride used for?
1. Solid electrolyte
Lithium nitride is a fast ionic conductor, and its conductivity is higher than other inorganic lithium salts.
2. Preparation of cubic boron nitride
3. The electron injection layer of organic light-emitting devices is organic
Light-emitting devices (OLED) have all-solid-state, active emission, wide viewing angle, and fast response. In addition to being used as a solid electrolyte, lithium nitride is also an effective catalyst for the conversion of hexagonal boron nitride to cubic boron nitride.

Research on the Method of Extending the Life of Lithium Battery
Lithium metal has the characteristics of high theoretical capacity density and low electrochemical potential, making it an ideal negative electrode for high energy density batteries. However, lithium metal has high activity and is prone to uncontrollable side reactions with traditional electrolytes. The chemical and mechanical stability of the solid electrolyte interface layer (SEI) is poor. On the one hand, the repeated rupture of SEI during the cycle will accelerate the formation of dead lithium. And irreversible loss of active lithium/electrolyte; on the other hand, the SEI induced by solvent has poor mechanical properties, which is not enough to inhibit the growth of lithium dendrites, causing dendrites to pierce the separator and cause battery short circuit.
In this research, the team introduced a new type of additive-nitrocellulose into the electrolyte to construct an endogenous lithium nitride/cellulose double-layer SEI (ES-DSEI) and used it in lithium metal batteries. ES-DSEI has unique advantages in the protection of lithium metal. Nitrocellulose will react with lithium preferentially to build a polymer/inorganic layer on the lithium surface in one step; the outer flexible polymer layer can adapt to the lithium metal in the cycle process The volume change of the inner layer, its strong adhesion can also inhibit the peeling of the inner layer of inorganic materials; the inner layer of the inorganic layer has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, which can inhibit the growth of dendrites, and the crystalline lithium oxide and lithium nitride layers are also Conducive to lithium ion transmission. The team used density functional theory simulation calculations to prove that nitrocellulose has a lower lowest unoccupied molecular orbital energy than lithium salt anions and solvents. In addition, the nitro group of nitrocellulose is more likely to react with metallic lithium, forming inorganic species such as LiNO2 in the inner layer near lithium, while the main chain is tightly adsorbed on the outer layer of lithium by Li-O bond. Compared with the electrolyte without adding nitrocellulose, the cycle life of the lithium negative electrode in the electrolyte containing nitrocellulose as an additive is doubled. This work provides new ideas for the design of long-life lithium metal anodes.

Product performance of lithium nitride Li3N powder
Our lithium nitride powder has high purity, ultra-fine particle size, and larger surface area.

The price of Li3N powder
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