Take you to understand the application of yttrium oxide powder

What is the color of the cerium oxide powder?
Terrium oxide chemical Y2O3, white, yellow powder, insoluble in water and base, dissolved in acid.Cerium oxide (Y2O3) nanoparticles are a stable white solid substance. It is used in the field of material science to produce phosphor, which is used to present red in the television. Another major use of cerium oxide nanoparticles is in inorganic synthesis.

The performance of yttrium oxide Y2O3 powder
The oxide chemical formula is Y2O3, white, with micro-yellow powder, insoluble in water and base, dissolved in acid.

Application of cerium oxide powder
1. Cerium oxide is mainly used for microwave magnetic materials and manufacturing for military important materials (single crystal; compound oxide, yttrium iron garnet, yttrium aluminum garnet, etc.), as well as optical glass, ceramic material additive, for coating Covering the image tube, such as high-brightness phosphor powder in large screen TV.
2. Cerium oxide is also used to make thin film capacitors and special refractory materials, as well as bubble materials such as high pressure mercury lamps, lasers, and storage elements. By adding cerium oxide during sintering, the grain size of the tungsten alloy can be effectively reduced.
3. Coalium oxide used in the phosphor, optical glass additive and electronics industry; mainly used to make computer-used flexible materials, so that the bubble storage device has high speed, large capacity, small volume, and multi-function.
4. Raw oxide is used to make special alloys, dielectric ceramics and special glass.
5. In material science, these particles have many uses, such as coloring of television developing tubes. It is also used to make plasma and flat panel displays.
6. The yttrium iron garnet extracted from yttrium oxide is used as a powerful microwave filter.
7. Cerium oxide is an important starting point for compound inorganic synthesis.
8. Red luminescent properties are used to make fluorescent lamps.
9. They are also used for high temperature coatings, preventing additives in coatings and plastics in ultraviolet degradation, and for manufacturing permanent magnets.
Ultra-fast sensors suitable for G-rays and X-rays.
10. Other applications include steel, colored alloys, and iron adding.

Condition of cerium oxide powder
Wet environment affects the dispersion properties and use effects of Y2O3 powder, and the cerium oxide should be sealed in vacuum packaging and stored in a cool dry room, and cerium oxide cannot be exposed to air. In addition, it should be avoided using Y2O3 powder under pressure.
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