The properties and preparation method of Sb2S3

Antimony sulfide material properties
Physical properties
Sb2S3 is dark gray crystal or powder. Gradually oxidize in the exposed air. Water, acetic acid and acetic acid, dissolve concentrated hydrochloric acid, alcohol, ammonium sulfide and potassium sulfide solutions. , With strong reducibility, toxic.
Chemical properties
The chemical properties of Sb2S3 are stable at room temperature, but the corresponding oxide can be obtained by heating in air, and it can also be reduced to elemental antimony by H2 or Fe.
Antimony trisulfide can be dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid, but arsenic trisulfide cannot. Therefore, this method can be used to separate and identify antimony from arsenic trisulfide.

How to prepare antimony sulfide
Natural ore processing method
Antimony sulfide products are obtained from natural antimony ore after screening, crushing and other processing.
Antimony White Conversion Method
Operation method: After mixing Sb2O3 1.80kg, Ca(OH)2 0.6kg and H2O 6kg, heat at 80℃ for 1h. Dissolve 2.41kg of 60% Na2S in 3L of water to form a Na2S solution, add this Na2S solution to the above mixture within 30 minutes at 80°C under stirring, and maintain stirring for another 30 minutes. Then it was acidified with 30% HCl within 3 hours to a pH of 0.4. The temperature was raised to 95°C, and then stirred for 3 hours, cooled, filtered, washed, and dried to obtain Sb2S3 pigment.
Direct legalization
Operation method: After the metal antimony is melted at high temperature, sulfur vapor is introduced into it to directly combine to produce antimony trisulfide. The amount of sulfur is 103%-115% of the stoichiometric amount, the reaction is stirred for 0.3-1h, and the reaction temperature is maintained at 650-850°C.

Uses of antimony trisulfide
Mainly used to make matches and fireworks, various antimony salts and colored glass. Rubber industry is used as a vulcanizing agent and military use. Manufacture of fireworks, glass, explosives, paints and pigments.

Sb2S3 packaging and storage
Sb2S3 powder is easily affected by a humid environment, so vacuum packaging is used. And keep it in a cool and dry room, the antimony sulfide Sb2S3 powder cannot be exposed to the air. In addition, the use of antimony sulfide Sb2S3 powder under pressure should be avoided.
Our packaging specifications are 100g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum. Or we can provide suitable packaging according to your needs.

Small metal antimony prices continue to rise rapidly
According to Baichuan Information, on March 4, the price of antimony ingots rose 6.06% to RMB 70,000/ton. The increase this month has reached 28.44%, and the increase this year has reached 69.23%. Antimony sulfide concentrate rose 3.81% to 54,500 yuan/ton, up 22.47% this month and up to 70.3% this year.
Due to the impact of the epidemic, the supply of upstream raw materials continues to be tight. Some companies have sharply reduced production after the holiday or even some companies have not resumed production. In addition, most manufacturers have relatively limited inventory, and the overall market supply is relatively tight. International antimony prices have risen sharply and rapidly, and the overall rise of base metals has an obvious driving effect, which has generally boosted the continuous rise of domestic antimony prices. Antimony is the most scarce metal among my country's four major strategic resources. It is mainly used in flame retardants, lead-acid batteries, semiconductors, military and chemical industries. According to brokers' estimates, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China's antimony consumption increase will mainly come from flame retardants, lead-acid batteries, polyester industry, semiconductors and military industries, increasing by 29.7%, 31%, 28.4% and 62% respectively. Analysts said that the recent huge gap in antimony market raw materials is the most important factor supporting the price of antimony products. Coupled with the strong foreign demand, antimony prices will continue to run at a high level.

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