What is HBN powder

Introduction to Hexagonal BN Powder
Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) is an advanced synthetic ceramic that combines many useful thermal, electrical, physical and chemical properties in a unique material. A non-abrasive white powder with a hexagonal plate-like crystal structure of graphite, but has higher oxidation resistance at 800ºC. And it is chemically inert.
Boron nitride can withstand temperatures exceeding 2000°C, and depending on the grade, its dielectric strength is close to 1000 volts/mil. If you want to buy hexagonal BN powder in bulk, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price.

Product properties of Hexagonal BN powder
1. Anti-oxidation temperature can reach 900℃.
2. It has good lubricity even at high temperatures and is an excellent high-temperature solid lubricant.
3. Has a strong neutron absorption capacity.
4. Stable chemical properties, chemically inert to almost all molten metals, and can withstand high temperatures up to 2000°C. Its molded products have excellent properties that facilitate mechanical processing.
5. Boron nitride is one of the simplest new polymer materials, with hexagonal and cubic crystal shapes.
Generality of Hexagonal BN Powder 
1. Insulation
2. Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss
3. High-temperature stability
4. Lubrication
5. Chemically inert
6. Will not wet
7. Many crystal sizes and particle composition
8. Heat conduction
How to produce BN powder?
hBN is commonly referred to as "white graphite". It is an artificial ceramic made by reacting boric acid or boron oxide with nitrogen at a temperature above 1600°C. The resulting product is a smooth white powder with excellent high-temperature stability (oxidation resistance at 850°C) and lubricating properties.
Application field
Hexagonal boron nitride is white (clean appearance), non-toxic and non-conductive. It is an excellent substitute for other commonly used lubricants in metal processing (such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, organic waxes and oils). In most cases, boron nitride can greatly improve the efficiency of these applications.
1. Used as high-temperature solid lubricant, extrusion anti-wear additive, additive for ceramic composite production.
2.Used for special electrolysis and resistance materials under high-temperature conditions.
3. Thermal insulation materials for aerospace.
4.Used as a mold release agent for metal forming and a lubricant for metal wire drawing.
5. Used for molten metal crucible.
6.radiator and high-temperature insulator.
7.Used as a raw material for cosmetics.
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