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What is Spherical quartz powder used for

What is Spherical quartz powder?

Speherical quartz powder describes amorphous Shi Ying powder material with spheroidal fragments and SiO2 as the main part. It is widely utilized in high-tech fields such as copper-clad laminate in massive incorporated circuit packaging, epoxy plastic packaging, aerospace, fine chemicals as well as everyday cosmetics. Round quartz powder has excellent properties such as smooth surface, huge specific area, high firmness as well as secure chemical homes.

What is Round quartz powder made use of for?

Round Quartz powder can make glass, refractory materials, smelt ferrosilicon, smelt flux, porcelains, as well as cast grinding products. As a result of its strong corrosion resistance to acidic media, quartz powder is utilized in buildings to make acid-resistant concrete and also acid-resistant mortar. As the core basic material of silicon basic materials, silica plays an irreplaceable fundamental function in generating and supplying silicon resources. Its special physical, chemical and optical qualities make it increasingly crucial in lots of state-of-the-art items.

Spherical silica powder is not just healthy and high chemical purity, with low content of the contaminated component, but can satisfy high-end incorporated circuits in all kinds of technical demands, its application can considerably decrease the encapsulation product thermal expansion coefficient, lower the dielectric constant, lower tension, greatly enhance rigidity as well as put on resistance, weather resistance, effect resistance, compressive stamina, tensile, the wave resistance, fire resistance, make the products with excellent arc resistance insulation attributes and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, etc, have become the necessary important electronic packaging materials.

Round quartz powder is generally utilized in electronic packaging but is additionally commonly made use of in the manufacturing of electronic ink, optical fiber, high-end cosmetics, progressed accuracy ceramics, precision grinding of optical gadgets as well as electronic elements, and also used as a filler for special paints and layers.

Just how is Spherical quartz powder created?

Spherical quartz powder is made of natural quartz rock after purification and ultrafine grinding, via a particular high-temperature field, to ensure that its stage state, crystal as well as form change instantaneously, from strong to molten state to solid-state, from crystal to amorphous state, from irregular angular particles into regular round bits and also obtained by a powder Currently, the preparation techniques include high-temperature plasma melting, high-temperature melt shot as well as gas combustion fire technique.

The cost of Spherical quartz powder.

The market cost of Spherical quartz powder is affected by different factors. Currently, its market price is in the procedure of dynamic change. If you require it, please contact us at any moment.

Round quartz powder provider

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