Where can tungsten carbide be used in addition to making rings

Overview of tungsten carbide
It is a black hexagonal crystal with metallic luster and hardness similar to diamond. It is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Tungsten carbide using steel cutting tools is often added with titanium carbide, tungsten carbide or their mixture to improve the anti-knock ability. Tungsten carbide is chemically stable. Tungsten carbide powder carbonized cemented carbide production material.

Application areas of tungsten carbide
It is widely used as high-speed cutting tools, kiln structure materials, jet engine parts, cermet materials, resistance heating elements, etc.
Used to manufacture cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, melting crucibles for metals such as copper, cobalt, and bismuth, and wear-resistant semiconductor films.
Used as super-hard tool material and wear-resistant material. It can form a solid solution with many carbides. WC-TiC-Co carbide tools have been widely used. It can also be used as a modified additive of NbC-C and TaC-C ternary system carbides, which can reduce the sintering temperature and maintain excellent performance. It can be used as aerospace materials.
Tungsten carbide (WC) powder is synthesized by using tungsten anhydride (WO3) and graphite in a reducing atmosphere at a high temperature of 1400~1600℃. Dense ceramic products can be obtained by hot pressing sintering or hot isostatic pressing sintering.

What if the tungsten carbide ring gets stuck?
If you wear a gold or platinum ring and your fingers are squeezed, the ring will bend into your fingers, causing pain and injury. If you wear a tungsten carbide ring and this happens, the ring will break and fall off your fingers, reducing the possibility of injury.

Is the tungsten carbide ring waterproof?
Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials in the world, and it is very inert. In addition, tungsten carbide is a hard and strong material that does not absorb moisture, so it is a very good waterproof material for making rings.

Attention should be paid when using tungsten carbide powder
Health hazards: Tungsten dust can cause bronchiolitis, bronchiolitis, bronchiolitis and atrophic emphysema. Tungsten carbide can cause a proliferative response in the lymphoid tissue cells of the lungs and gradually harden. The blood vessel wall is thickened and homogenized. People exposed to tungsten carbide dust at work suffer from gastrointestinal dysfunction, kidney irritation, and catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. The maximum allowable concentration of tungsten carbide is 6mg/m3. In the United States, the maximum allowable concentration of soluble tungsten compounds (calculated as tungsten) is 1 mg/m3, and the maximum allowable concentration of insoluble tungsten compounds (calculated as tungsten) is 5 mg/m3.
Safety protection: Use gas masks, dust-proof clothing, gloves, and glasses that meet the requirements. Prevent dust leakage at all stages of production. Workers have to undergo a physical examination before employment, which is regularly checked once a year. When the upper respiratory tract has obvious symptoms, it is necessary to temporarily mobilize work and get out of contact with tungsten. When pulmonary cirrhosis or external respiratory dysfunction occurs, move away from work.

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