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Why does chromium carbide have hardness

What is chromium carbide?

Chromium carbide ( Cr3C2) is grey powder with metallic appeal; Orthorhombic system; The density is 6.68 g/cm3; The melting point is 1890 ℃ and also the boiling point is 3800 ℃. It has great wear resistance, rust resistance as well as oxidation resistance at high temperature (1000 ~ 1100 ℃). Belonging to a cermet.

The applications of chromium carbide

Specifically chromium carbide has numerous excellent properties, such as strong chemical security, high solidity at room temperature and also thermal solidity, good resistance to acid as well as alkali corrosion, excellent wear resistance, high melting point, and good wettability with metals such as and. In the metal carbide, the oxidation resistance of zui is high, as well as the oxidation temperature is as high as. When chromium is utilized as an inhibitor, the grain growth of cemented carbide can be properly regulated. Moreover, chromium carbide is not just an additive of eruptive bonding product with good wear resistance as well as a top quality cermet resources. It can additionally be made use of as spraying powder. For instance, spraying powder has great corrosion, oxidation, and also put on resistance at high temperature levels. Due to its superb attributes, chromium carbide has been extensively used in the metallurgical sector, electronic industry, high-temperature resistant layer, aerospace, and also other areas.

Chromium carbide has high hardness, high melting point, high flexible modulus, chemical deterioration resistance, and also wear resistance as well as has turned into one of the extensively made use of metal carbides. In cutting tools, chromium carbide powder generally plays an important duty as a surface finishing. In Fe-Cr-C alloy, chromium carbide is a crucial rainfall phase, providing the product superb wear resistance. Chromium is an essential wear-resistant phase, while firmness, as a considerable mechanical criterion in the design of wear-resistant products, has yet to get a relatively exact result.

Chemical residential properties of chromium carbide

Chromium carbide (CnC) has a low solidity of 1710 and also a density of 6.68 g. m), a thermal growth coefficient of 10.3 x 10 ~ K (20-100) and also a thermal conductivity of 19.1 W.m-+. K-1. Its major attributes are that the carbide has a high room temperature level, thermal solidity, as well as excellent wettability with steels such as CoNi. It is used in steel mold substances.

Exactly how is chromium carbide made?

Making chromium carbide by a mix of aluminothermic decrease as well as vacuum cleaner furnacing at temperature levels of 1500°& deg; C and also over. A blend of chromium steel, chromium oxide and also carbon is prepared and after that loaded into a vacuum heater. The pressure in the heater is minimized and also the temperature increased to 1500°& deg; C. The carbon responds with the chromium oxide to form chromium steel and also carbon monoxide gas, which is drained into the vacuum cleaner pumps. The chromium metal then integrates with the remaining carbon to form the chromium carbide

The cost of chromium carbide.

The marketplace price of Chromium carbide is influenced by numerous elements. Presently, its market rate is in the process of vibrant modification. If you require it, please call us any time.

Chromium carbide supplier

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