Are MAX phase materials used in electronic materials?

Why is it called MAX phase material?
The MAX phase material is a natural layered carbon material composed of three elements. It has the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of metal, and can also be added to the environment with the high strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance of structural ceramics. Phase materials have received extensive attention in the fields of high-temperature lubrication, nanomaterial coatings, accident-tolerant composite fault nuclei, self-repair and energy materials, and medical materials researchers are actively supporting a large number of studies.

Are MAX phase materials widely used?
Layered materials are sensitive to storage due to their unique structure and potential applications in the field of gyroelectronics. For example, the destruction of giant magnetoresistance in layered materials has completely changed and current researchers are committed to discovering more new types of granular materials. The application of materials in different environments. The MAX phase is a nano-layered transition metal compound with a hexagonal lattice structure, the molecular formula is Mn+1AXn, (where M is generally the previous stage) group metal, A is mainly 13-15 main group elements, and X is carbon or/and nitrogen , N takes a value of 1-3).

MAX special ceramic material niobium aluminum carbon zero
Niobium aluminum carbide is a new member of ceramic materials, which combines the advantages of metal and ceramics. Nb2C powder has extremely high temperature mechanical properties. Characteristics: 99%, particle size: 1-5um. Max phase ceramics is a new type of machinable conductive ceramic materials, and Nb2Alc powder includes one of them. This ceramic contains more than 60 ternary carbon zero or nitro RIDE compounds.

What are the properties of Nb2AlC powder?
Niobium aluminum carbide Nb2AlC powder has good strength and elastic modulus, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and good workability.

How is niobium carbon zero Nb2AlC powder produced?
1. Weigh niobium powder, aluminum powder and carbon powder, and then ball mill the mixed powder;
2. Put the mixed powder in a graphite boat, and then in a dynamic reactor, fill it with gas, self-diffusion reaction, crush and cool, screen, and dry to obtain Nb2AlC ceramic powder. The Nb2Alc ceramic powder obtained by the invention can be used in aerospace, electronic industry and aviation industry nuclear.

Where can niobium aluminum carbide powder be applied?
N2bAlc powder can be used in regeneration, catalysis, analytical mechanics, percolation, biology, microelectronics, sensors, etc.
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