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How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings

Nano silica has many buildings that conventional materials do not have. The particle dimension distribution of nano silica is really narrow, the majority of which are within 100 nm, with many micropores as well as big particular surface. There are not just a multitude of unsaturated residual bonds and hydroxyl teams in various bonding states on its surface, so it has high response task. In regards to optical residential properties, nano-silica shows high representation homes to both ultraviolet and noticeable light.

Exactly how can Nano Silica change the residential properties of coverings?
Adjustment of Waterborne Coatings
Before including: inadequate water resistance, bad stability, high corrosion to equipment, etc.
After addition: boost the scrubbing resistance, security, rust resistance and also other properties of the layer, as well as can give it antibacterial, self-cleaning and other effects.

Adjustment of wall surface covering
Before adding: no sun resistance, no water resistance, instability, bad bond, and so on.
After addition: it can boost the storage stability, water resistance and sunlight resistance of the coating, boost the thixotropy of the covering, as well as properly control the spatter, circulation hanging and also other phenomena in the building.

Adjustment of acrylic material paint
Prior to adding: bad mechanical properties, use resistance, hardness, versatility, etc.
After addition: the mechanical residential or commercial properties, tensile stamina, firmness, rubbing resistance and also adaptability of the movie are improved, the movie is more fragile as well as smoother, has a far better surface, as well as enhances the decorative performance.

Adjustment of varnish
Before enhancement: the firmness of the movie is not high, the heat resistance is bad, and also it is simple to transform yellow under the activity of ultraviolet light.
After enhancement: durable resistance, strong bond, as well as has dampness resistance, wetness resistance, chemical deterioration resistance, and so on Nano Silica Price The cost is influenced by
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