How to reserve oxidative powder?

Overview of SM2O3
SM2O3 is a slightly yellowish white powder, intimately cubic or monopolite. The chemical nature of rare earth oxides is similar, and oxidation is no exception, but its magnetic moment is different from other oxides, which is 1.45 m · b. The density is 8.347 g / cm3. Melting point 2262 ° C. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid. Absorb carbon dioxide and water in the air. It can be used as a luminescent glass additive, and the coating in the photosensitive material, as well as the preparation of the diamond permanent magnet material and the production of metal. The chlorinated rare earth solution obtained by treating a residential stone or mixed rare earth mine is reduced by extraction, anti-extract, zinc powder, gave sedimentation, separation, and burning.

Is it a transition metal?
One of the rare earth elements found in the sixth line of the regular table. It is named naming in elementalism, and the transition metal is often considered a lanthanide element. Look like most other metals, but its use is relatively small.

Is it a conductor?
Samarium Hexaboride is an insulator, that is, it has a narrow band gap (about 10 MeV), so it is a good conductor at room temperature. However, at low temperatures below 50 k or less, some complex and special interactions between their electrons result in an insulator.

What is the role of oxidation?
1. Oxidation can be used as an additive in infrared light-emitting glass, coated with photosensitive material, and producing a diamond permity magnet material and metal .
2. Used in optical and infrared absorbing glass to absorb infrared radiation.
3. The oxide is used as a neutron absorber in the control rod of the nucleating force reactor.
4. Dehydrate and dehydrogenation of the primary alcohol and secondary alcohol can be catalyzed.
5. Prepare other salts.

How to reserve SM2O3 powder?
The moist environment will affect the dispersion properties and use effects of the SM2O3 powder, so it should be sealed in vacuum packaging and stored in a cool dry room, and cannot be exposed to air. In addition, SM2O3 powder should be avoided under pressure.

SM2O3 powder packaging and transportation
We have many different types of packages depending on the amount of oxidation Mar SM2O3 powder.
Oxidation MAR SM2O3 powder packaging: vacuum packaging, 100g, 500g or 1kg / bag, 25kg / barrel, or according to your requirements.
Oxidation Mar SM2O3 powder transport: After payment receipts, you can pass the sea, air, and express delivery.
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