MoS2 powder is usually applied somewhere?

Uses of MoS2
MoS2 is diamagnetic, can convert linear photoconductors and semiconductors with P-type or N-type conductivity, and has the functions of rectification and energy conversion.

1.MoS2 can be synthesized as a catalyst for hydrocarbon dehydrogenation.
2. Known as the "king of advanced solid lubricants".
3. It is a solid powder made of natural molybdenum concentrate, which can be chemically purified by changing the molecular structure.
4. It has good dispersibility, no need to add. It can be added to various greases to form a colloidal state, and will never replace it, thereby increasing the lubricity and extreme pressure of the grease.
5. It is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity and high load mechanical working conditions to extend the replacement time of equipment.
6. The main function of friction material is to reduce low temperature friction, increase high temperature friction and reduce combustion loss. Easily volatilize in the friction material.
7. Anti-friction: The size of disulfide particles formed by supersonic jet pulverization can reach 325-2500 mesh, the particle hardness is 1-1.5, and the friction coefficient is 0.05-0.1, which can be used in friction materials. Advantages of anti-friction effect;
8. Increased friction: Molybdenum disulfide does not conduct electricity, and there are silicon carbide, molybdenum disulfide, molybdenum trisulfide and molybdenum trioxide. When the temperature of the friction material rises sharply due to friction, the shrinking molybdenum trioxide particles gradually heat and expand, thereby increasing the friction in the axial direction.
9. Antioxidant: MoS2 is obtained through a comprehensive chemical purification reaction, its pH value changes 7-8, slightly alkaline. It covers the surface of the friction material, can protect other materials from oxidation, especially make it difficult for other materials to move and enhance adhesion.

Is MoS2 a semiconductor?
MoS 2 is called an n-type semiconductor, and phosphorus (black phosphorus) is called a p-type semiconductor. However, the band structures of the two layered materials usually account for intrinsic or p-type semiconductor properties (depending on how the semiconductor is defined).

Is MoS2 poisonous?
Cytotoxicity and patch tests have confirmed the low toxicity of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) atomic films and particles. The film separated from the quartz plate was also studied to evaluate the toxicity of dispersed MoS2 in biological media.

Selective optical excitation of finite momentum excitons in single-layer MoS2 by twisted light
The twisted light carries a clear orbital angular momentum (OAM) for each photon. The quantum number of its OAM can be set arbitrarily, making it an excellent light source for realizing high-dimensional quantum entanglement and ultra-wideband optical communication structures. Although twisted light has interesting properties, it still requires extensive experiments to study the interaction between solid materials (especially two-dimensional materials) and twisted light. In this work, the photoluminescence (PL) spectrum of a single layer of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) under the excitation of distorted light was studied. MoS2 has become a kind of ultralight material interaction due to its reduced size. s material. It can be observed that the peak energy of the spectrum increases as the incident light increases. The analysis and calculation simulation of this work can well illustrate the nonlinear correlation of the blue shift of the spectrum. What’s more exciting is that the distorted light excitation reveals the extraordinary light-like exciton energy band dispersion of grain excitons in a single-layer transition metal dihalide silicide. The dispersion of the linear exciton band is predicted by the previous theoretical research and proved by the experimental setup of this work.

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