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The role of nano tungsten powder

Introduction to Nano Tungsten Powder
Nano tungsten powder refers to the nano-level fine powder in tungsten powder. Nano tungsten powder is prepared by nanotechnology. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal element. The purest thing is that tungsten exceeds the hardness of many steel plates. It is resistant to acids, alkalis and oxygen.
Tungsten nanoparticles have a higher specific surface area, which can lower the sintering temperature, lower the vapor pressure, abnormal quantum confinement and grain boundary effects.

Particle size of nano tungsten powder
Nano tungsten powder is a fine black powder composed of tungsten particles with a diameter between 40 and 100 nanometers. It is used as a material in many fields, including microelectronics, metal processing and chemical coatings. As a unique application of nanostructures in the fields of optics, electricity and medicine, tungsten has become a material of great concern to researchers and engineers in various disciplines.
Tungsten is a gray-black metal with metallic luster. Its hardness is the hardest among metals. Tungsten nanoparticles are slightly soluble in nitric acid, sulfuric acid and aqua regia. Insoluble in water, hydrofluoric acid and potassium hydroxide.

How to produce nano tungsten powder
Tungsten nanoparticles are prepared by sonoelectrochemical methods, using platinum plates as anodes, connecting titanium alloy horns with ultrasonic generators as cathodes, and citric acid, ferrous sulfate, sodium tungstate and trisodium citrate as electrolytes. The generation of ultrasound promotes the electrochemical reaction and cavitation, thereby forming Fe-W nanoparticles on the cathode. Then, the iron atoms dissolve in an acidic environment.

Application of Nano Tungsten Powder
Coatings, plastics, nanowires, nanofibers and textile products; microelectronic films; gas sensor electrodes; sintered additives; alloys for aviation and electronic packaging, radiators, vacuum contactors and vacuum load switches.
Coatings produced using tungsten nanoparticles have many unique advantages. Electrochromic coatings, cermet coatings, optical coatings and other applications benefit from the use of tungsten nanoparticles.

Films for microelectronics applications
Tungsten nanoparticles have unique advantages in the production of thin films for microelectronic applications. The full potential of this movie needs further research, but the preliminary findings prove very interesting.
Sintering additives: Tungsten nanoparticles have shown great potential as sintering additives. Studies have shown that through proper application, nano-powders will make traditional complex metallurgical processes easier.
Vacuum contactor and vacuum load switch
The unique properties of nano-tungsten make it an ideal material for vacuum contactors and vacuum load switches. There is very little research on the full potential of tungsten in this area, but the early signs are positive.
Storage conditions of nano tungsten powder
Moist gathering affects the dispersion performance and use effect of tungsten nanoparticles. Therefore, nano-tungsten powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room. Titanium nanoparticles should not be exposed to the air. In addition, the use of W nanoparticles under pressure should be avoided.

The price of nano tungsten powder
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