What is the role and mechanism of water

On construction sites or in home improvements, we see concrete being used a lot. It is important to add a water-reducing additive to concrete. What are the functions and mechanisms of this additive, and why is it necessary to add water-reducing agents to concrete? The answers will be revealed next.

What is water?

A chemical additive that reduces water, has a main component called a surfactant. It can significantly reduce the amount water required to make concrete. Using this addition can reduce the cement needed, lower the cost, and improve quality.

What's the purpose of the water-reducing agent?

They include, in particular, the following elements

1. This water-reducing additive contains a surfactant which can be used to spread cement particles. It will reduce the need for water.

2. Agents that reduce water can have a dispersing effect on the water inside the concrete, preventing it from drying out and settling.

3. Reduced water absorption: These substances reduce the number of pores in concrete and improve its durability.

The evolution of water-reducing agent:

1 . The first generation of water-reducing agents

Ordinary water-reducing agent (water-reduction rate) >= Also called plasticizer (also known as lignosulfonate), it is the most important representative of the system of lignosulfonates (sodium, calcium, and magnesium lignosulfonate). ).

2 . Second generation water-reducing agents

Water reduction agent of high efficacy (water-reduction rate). >= The main representative of melamine systems, aminosulfonate systems, and the aliphatic system.

3 . Third generation water reducing agents

Water-reducing agent with high performance (water-reduction rate). >= This is the most common polycarboxylic acids (water-reducing agent), which can be divided in three categories: Early-strength Type, Standard Type, and Slow-Setting Type.

and , the water-reducing agents , play a major role in concrete. The agent will not only improve the durability and strength, but it will also reduce the concrete required. It is for this reason that water-reducing chemicals are essential in the construction industry.

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