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Are lithium batteries the same as lithium-ion batteries?

First of all, I can tell everyone clearly that they are not the same. Next, let me talk about the difference.

By definition
Lithium batteries are a type of batteries that use lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and use a non-aqueous electrolyte solution.
Lithium ion batteries are generally batteries that use lithium alloy metal oxide as the positive electrode material, graphite as the negative electrode material, and use a non-aqueous electrolyte solution.
Difference: The difference between the two in definition is mainly the choice of anode material. Lithium batteries use lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material, while lithium-ion batteries use graphite materials as the negative electrode.

Development process
Lithium metal batteries were first proposed in 1912. Because the chemical properties of lithium metal are very active, the processing, storage, and use of lithium metal have very high environmental requirements. And it is easy to produce lithium dendrites, which may pierce the diaphragm and cause a short circuit to cause a fire.
Lithium-ion batteries began commercial applications in 1991. The cathode material is generally lithium manganese oxide or lithium cobalt oxide, and lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide materials. At present, it is widely used in consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, and electric tools. In the future, it will be widely used as the power source of electric vehicles.

Can it be used twice
Lithium batteries cannot be used twice and the utilization rate is not high.
Lithium-ion batteries, there are currently many lithium alloy compounds that provide lithium ions, which can be charged and discharged, so lithium-ion batteries are also called "rocking chair batteries."

Lithium battery negative electrode
The negative electrode material of lithium battery is the negative electrode in lithium ion battery, and is matched with the cathode material in lithium ion battery. The anode materials in lithium ion batteries act as the host, and they reversibly allow lithium ions to intercalate/deintercalate during charge/discharge cycles.

Application of lithium battery negative electrode
Lithium battery anode materials are used for battery energy storage and release, and are also an important part of batteries. The compatibility between the graphite anode and the electrolyte is better, and it is also the improvement of battery performance.

Types of anode materials for lithium batteries
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The price of lithium battery anode materials
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