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The most suitable circuit substrate packaging materials: AlN ceramics

Introduction to AlN
Similar to various semiconductors, aluminum nitride powder has excellent thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation and thermal expansion characteristics, making it the best material for sintered bodies.

AlN is stable at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere and melts at a temperature of about 2200°C. In vacuum, AlN decomposes at ~1800°C. In the air, surface oxidation will occur above 700°C. Even at room temperature , a surface oxide layer with a thickness of 5-10 nm has been detected. The oxide layer can protect the material at temperatures up to 1370°C. Above this temperature, bulk oxidation occurs. Aluminum nitride is stable in hydrogen and carbon dioxide atmospheres up to 980°C.
Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a hexagonal crystal, and pure AlN is blue-white, usually gray or off-white. As a new ceramic material with excellent comprehensive performance, aluminum nitride ceramics have excellent thermal conductivity, reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, non-toxic and thermal expansion coefficient matching silicon, etc. With excellent characteristics, it is considered to be an ideal material for a new generation of highly integrated semiconductor substrates and electronic device packaging.
The material slowly dissolves in inorganic acid by grain boundary erosion, and dissolves in strong alkali by erosion of aluminum nitride crystal grains. Aluminum nitride is resistant to most molten salts (including chloride and cryolite). To
Data generated by the AlN test
Toxicological data
On the skin: Causes corrosive effects, irritates the skin and mucous membranes.
On the eyes: strong corrosive effect, irritating effect.
Ecological data
It is slightly harmful to water. If there is no government permission, do not discharge the material into the surrounding environment.
Storage method
Dispose of under dry protective gas and keep the container sealed.
Put it in a tight container and store in a cool, dry place.
AlN application
There are reports that most of the current research is developing a semiconductor (gallium nitride or alloy aluminum gallium nitride) based light-emitting diode that operates in ultraviolet light, and the wavelength of light is 250 nanometers. There was a report in May 2006 that an inefficient diode can emit light waves with a wavelength of 210 nanometers. Measured by vacuum ultraviolet reflectance, there is an energy gap of 6.2 eV on a single aluminum nitride crystal. In theory, the energy gap allows some waves with a wavelength of about 200 nanometers to pass. However, many difficulties need to be overcome when it is implemented commercially. Aluminum nitride is used in optoelectronic engineering, including a dielectric layer in optical storage interface and electronic substrate, as chip carrier with high thermal conductivity, and for military use .
Due to the characteristics of the piezoelectric effect of aluminum nitride, the epitaxial stretching of aluminum nitride crystals is also used in surface acoustic wave detectors. The detector will be placed on the silicon wafer. There are very few places where these thin films can be reliably manufactured.
The use of aluminum nitride ceramics has a high room temperature and high-temperature strength, a small expansion coefficient, and good thermal conductivity. It can be used as a heat exchanger material for high-temperature structural parts.
Using aluminum nitride ceramics can withstand the corrosion of iron, aluminum and other metals and alloys, it can be used as a crucible and casting mold material for melting metals such as Al, Cu, Ag, and Pb.
Latest News
On February 23, the online briefing session of National Ceramic Materials 2020 Annual Results was held at the Panorama Roadshow World on Tuesday. Zhang Bing, general manager of Guoci Materials, said that the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has completed the pilot test and will be mass-produced in 2021.
China Porcelain Electronics stated on the investor interaction platform on March 5 that the company already has the ability to deliver small quantities of aluminum nitride packages for IGBTs and will continue to pay attention to market developments.
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