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What are the superhard materials?

Diamond is the hardest substance known in nature, and it has a very high thermal conductivity, a large band gap and a high dispersion rate. Luoyang Tongrun Nanomaterials Company can provide you with various types of nanomaterials, such as elements, oxides, nitrides, 3D printing powders, etc.

These excellent physical properties make diamond an irreplaceable important position in the fields of industrial cutting, heat conduction equipment manufacturing, optical device manufacturing, and electronic equipment manufacturing. The excellent properties of diamond, especially the super hardness, come from its electronic state hybridization, which makes the four valence electrons participate in the bond formation, forming a three-dimensional covalent bond network.

Cubic boron nitride
The cubic boron nitrogen structure corresponding to diamond also has a very high hardness because it also has a covalent bond network composed of SP3 bonds. In fact, cubic boron nitrogen is a superhard material whose hardness is second only to diamond. Although the hardness of cubic boron nitrogen is not as good as diamond, it has better thermal and chemical stability, making it more used in high-temperature devices.
On the one hand, vigorously research and develop the derivative hard materials related to synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride to meet the needs of current industrial and scientific and technological development, on the other hand, spare no effort to explore other new types of superhard materials.

There is no doubt that the successful synthesis of fullerite is of great significance to the processing of a series of materials such as super strong metals. However, the industrialized production of fullerite still has to solve related problems such as ultra-high pressure. Luoyang Tongrun Nanomaterials Company can provide you with various types of nanomaterials, such as elements, oxides powder , nitrides powder , 3D printing powders, etc.

Carbon Nitride
The structure of carbon nitride was proposed in 1985. This compound has the same structure as silicon nitride. It was predicted that its hardness might be greater than that of diamond.

Wurtzite Boron Nitride
There may be a small amount of wurtzite-type boron nitride in nature. It has a similar structure to diamond, but the composition of atoms is different. In wurtzite-type boron nitride, boron atoms and nitrogen atoms are assembled into tetrahedrons, but the angles between adjacent tetrahedrons are different. The hardness of wurtzite-type boron nitride may be related to the toughness of its atomic bonds.
Therefore, superhard materials are suitable for manufacturing and processing tools for other materials, especially in processing hard materials. They have unparalleled advantages and occupy an irreplaceable important position. Because of this, superhard materials have been widely used in industry. In addition to being used to make tools, superhard materials have some special properties in optics, electricity, and heat. They are an important functional material and have attracted people's attention. The properties and uses in this area are constantly being researched and developed.

Nanostructured superhard materials
Nanostructured superhard materials belong to the extrinsic class of superhard materials, such as nano-sized diamond aggregates, which have been proven to have greater hardness and toughness than ordinary large-grain diamonds. One of the common forms is the polymer diamond nanorods, which have a hardness of 150 GPa and are known as one of the hardest materials currently known.

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