The Next Profit Margin in The Alumina Industry-Red Mud

With the gradual deepening of China's electrolytic aluminum supply side reform and the significant increase in foreign alumina's future production capacity, the era of high profit in the alumina industry is expected in the absence of emerging countries to replace the decline in aluminum demand brought about by China's economic slowdown.
In the case that the alumina production process has not changed for decades, only the comprehensive utilization of red mud, known as the worldwide problem, is expected to set off the banner of the next profit.

First, Brief description of red mud

Each ton of alumina produced about 1.5 tons of red mud, with a particle diameter of 0.088-0.25 mm, a specific gravity of 2.7-2.9, a bulk density of 0.8-1.0, and a melting point of 1200-1250 degC. The composition of red mud is shown in the table below:

At present, most of the alumina produced in China adopts the Bayer method. The Bayer method is characterized by high iron, aluminum and alkali content.

Second, the typical case of alumina enterprises in the comprehensive utilization of red mud

1. Chinalco Shandong Branch: The data that can be found is that the comprehensive utilization rate of red mud is 25% as of 2016, and the accumulated consumption of 12 million red mud is the high utilization rate of China's alumina enterprises. The Henan Aluminum Industry Transformation and Development Action Plan (2018-2020) clearly stated that by 2020, the comprehensive utilization rate of red mud will reach 10%. If there is no comparison, there will be no harm. The comprehensive utilization rate of China's red mud is really too low. The use of mountain aluminum red mud mainly includes the preparation of new coal-burning desulfurizer technology, high-grade cement, highway subgrade, brick making and water purifying agent.

2. Weiqiao Group: In 2018, 20,000 tons of red mud was used on the 5.3-kilometer roadbed of the Binzhou section of Jiqing Expressway. According to estimates, each kilometer of expressway can consume 200,000 red mud, provincial highways can consume 60,000 tons of red mud, and municipal roads can consume 20,000 tons of red mud. For countries with huge highway mileage in China, the future market prospect is broad.

Third, the typical case of social forces in the comprehensive utilization of red mud

On December 31, 2018, Shandong Satellite TV broadcast a news about Zibo Tianzhirun Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. using large quantities of red mud to produce permeable bricks (consumption of 70,000 tons of red mud per year). The company's red mud permeable brick project has a red mud blending rate of 90%, and was successfully selected as one of the top ten innovations in the circular economy of Shandong Province in 2018. The company's boss invested more than 30 million, after Zui, the only 2 houses were also studed, but it was a success, to know that this is a worldwide problem.

This is not only reminiscent of the fact that the enterprises in Inner Mongolia have smashed hundreds of billions to break through the production of alumina in fly ash, and there has been no breakthrough.

Fourth, the red mud comprehensive utilization recommendations

At present, the use of red mud is greater in the production of cement, for roadbeds, and for the production of permeable bricks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The production of cement technology is mature, but there is a cement plant nearby, and the roadbed consumption is large. However, for the economically developed areas, the future demand is limited, and the production of permeable bricks can be promoted nationwide. The disadvantage is that the sales radius is more economical within 800 kilometers.

In general, the comprehensive utilization rate of China's alumina red mud is very low. Although our utilization rate is not worse than that of foreign countries, we can't compare with foreign countries in the future. The era of self-transcendence of China's alumina industry has arrived, and we have seized the comprehensive utilization of red mud. The profit margin will reshape the company's position in the alumina industry.

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