High Purity Tantalum Boride TaB2 Powder CAS 12007-35-1, 99%

Description of Tantalum Boride TaB2 powder :

Physical properties: 

Appearance: Tantalum boride is a gray or brown solid easily oxidized in air. 

Crystal structure: The crystal structure of tantalum boride is orthorhombic, with high density and hardness. 

Melting point and boiling point: tantalum boride has a high melting point and boiling point, with a melting point of 2730℃ and a boiling point of 3800℃. 

Thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity: tantalum boride has high and low thermal conductivity, with a thermal conductivity of about 15W/(m·K) and an electrical conductivity of about 10^4S/m. 

Chemical properties: 

Acid-base properties: tantalum boride is insoluble in acids and bases, but oxidation can occur in acids. 

Reaction with metal: tantalum boride can react with metals such as titanium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, and so on to form metal borides at high temperatures. 

Reaction with non-metals: tantalum boride can react with non-metals such as carbon, silicon, phosphorus, and so on to produce non-metallic borides at high temperatures. 

Reaction with water: tantalum boride reacts with water to form hydroxide and hydrogen.

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Application Tantalum Boride TaB2 powder :

Tantalum boride, which is composed of tantalum boron is a compound that is renowned for its extreme hardness. Tantalum diboride, due to its high degree of hardness, can be used in high temperature materials and abrasives as well wear-resistant coatings.
Tantalum diboride, a metallic luster crystalline material with high melting point and wear resistance, is hard. It is widely applied in ultra-high temperatures ceramic materials, hard material or composite materials reinforcement.
Tantalum Diboride has also thermal and electrical conductivity. It is used by the chemical industry, metallurgy and building materials.

Production Method of Tantalum Boride TaB2 powder :

The chlorination process uses tantalum powder and chlorine gas at a high-temperature reaction to produce tantalum trichloride and tetrachloride. Then, the mixture is separated and purified to obtain high-purity tantalum trichloride and tetrachloride. The advantages of this method are a simple process and low preparation cost. Still, much waste gas will be produced in the reaction process, which contains highly toxic substances that greatly harm the environment and human health. 

Molten salt electrolysis is the preparation of tantalum boride using a mixture of tantalum and borate in a molten salt electrolyte. The advantage of this method is that the reaction speed is fast and the product quality is high, but it needs to use a lot of energy, and the hydrogen chloride gas generated in the reaction process needs to be treated. Otherwise, it will pollute the environment. 

The high-temperature solid phase synthesis method is to heat the mixture of tantalum powder and boric acid or anhydride at high temperatures and react to produce tantalum boride. The advantages of this method are a simple preparation process and low energy consumption. Still, it requires many grinding equipment, and the reaction speed is slow, requiring several grinding and high-temperature heating.

Prospect Market of Tantalum Boride TaB2 powder :

First of all, tantalum boride is widely used in the field of high-temperature materials. It has the characteristics of high density, high melting point, and high boiling point, making it an ideal high-temperature structural material. In high-temperature furnaces, high-temperature reactors, and high-temperature processing equipment, Tantalum boride is used to manufacture high-temperature components and coatings with high-temperature and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the demand for tantalum boride in high-temperature materials will continue to grow. 

Secondly, tantalum boride has a wide range of applications in electronic and optical materials. In electronic and optoelectronic devices, tantalum boride can manufacture high-temperature semiconductor materials, laser crystals, and high-temperature optical Windows. Due to advances in electronic and optical technology and their continuously expanding applications fields, electronic and optical technologies continue to advance rapidly, and the scope of application fields keeps expanding rapidly, the demand for tantalum boride will continue to increase. 

In addition, tantalum boride also has important applications in ceramic additives. Ceramic coating can increase hardness and wear resistance, making it an effective ceramic additive. In the ceramic industry, tantalum boride can be used to manufacture ceramic products with high strength and high wear resistance. With the development of the ceramic industry and the improvement of the performance requirements of ceramic products, the demand for tantalum boride will continue to increase.

Store Tantalum Boride TaB2 powder in the following conditions:

TaB powder will be affected by dampness and its effects on dispersion and use if it is not stored in a dry and cool room. TaB should also not be exposed to stress.

Packing & Shipping of Tantalum Boride (TaB2) Powder:
The packaging we use depends on the quantity of tantalum-boride TaB.
Tantalum Boride TaB powder packaging: vacuum packed, 100g,500g or 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel.
Tantalum boride TaB shipping: can be sent out by air or sea as soon after payment receipt.

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Number of CAS: 112007-35-1  
  Einecs:                      234-496-7  
 Formula Molecular: Tab2  
 Molecular Weight:191.76  
  Mol file:                      12007-07-7.mol  
  Density:                     14.2 g/cm3  
  Melting point:            2040 o  
  Product name:          Tantalum boride  
 Einecs 234-496-7;tantalumboride(tab);TANTALUM

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