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Cutting Tools Development to TiC, AL2O3,Ti2AlC

Inwin-style News 2021-03-17
Cutting Instrument Production Market Status
In recent days, the type of ceramic rapidly developed by PVD technology is increasing, including TiC,Ti2NC,TiN,AL2O3,,Ti2AlC. Such ceramic film is currently applied to tools or molds, not only improves the surface wear resistance of the tool but also does not lose the toughness of the metal substrate. As the new breakthrough in machine tool technology has recently been treated, the cutting process has been taken to shorten the cutting time and improve the surface precision of the processing member.
The current development trend of machine tools is high speed, high precision, and high quality. High-speed operation operations are also higher and higher in the surface treatment requirements of the mold, cutting tool, and mechanical parts. Extend the useful life, reduce Production costs, Create Higher Profits, And is The Goal of The Industry.
In order to cooperate with high-speed processing, a large amount of processing time and cost, the improvement of tools has become an important factor. Tungsten carbide tools are increasing in the tool market due to high wear resistance and hardness.
The capability of Ti2AlC
Ti2AlC has high strength and elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity and conductivity, and good process ability.
Application of Ti2AlC
When the mold is machined, it is necessary to select the appropriate surface treatment. In the medium, the heavy load mold is required to use CVD high-temperature titanium plating, supplemented with precision vacuum heat treatment to achieve an acceptable amount of deformation. This section is often used in a cold forging die, hydraulic pressure extraction mold, tungsten carbide extract, tube. in the application of a strict tool, mold, and mechanical fittings of low load or accuracy, titanium plated with low temperature (150℃ to 500℃) PVD is appropriate.
The high aluminum content of aluminum nitride is easy to form alumina in the surface of the epidural surface. This layer of oxide film allows the oxidation temperature of the aluminum nitride ceramic hydrocyte to 923 degrees Celsius, which protects the blade when the tungsten carbide tool is high-speed cutting and maintains high-temperature hardness. However, although titanium nitride and carbonitride also generate a titanium dioxide oxide film at high temperatures, it is not easy to adhere to the epidural flakes, and the hard film is lacking, rapidly oxidized and deterirated.
In addition, Ti2AlC powders are also used as special ceramic materials, electronic materials, high-temperature structural materials, electrode brush materials, chemical anticorrosive materials, and high-temperature heating materials.
How to store Ti2AlC Powder
Wet group clusters affect the dispersion properties and use effects of Ti2AlC powder, and therefore, titanium carbide aluminum Ti2AlC powder should be sealed in vacuum packaging and stored in a cool dry room and can not be exposed to titanium aluminum. In addition carbide, Ti2AlC powder should Be avoided under stress.
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