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Do you know the properties of tellurium dioxide?

Inwin-style News 2021-04-23
What is the color of tellurium dioxide?
Tellurium dioxide is a white powder. Mainly used to prepare tellurium dioxide single crystals, infrared devices, acousto-optic devices, infrared window materials, electronic component materials and antiseptics.
What are the properties of tellurium oxide TeO2 powder?
As an amphoteric compound, tellurium dioxide is basically insoluble in water or ammonia, but soluble in strong acids and alkalis. This white solid tellurium dioxide powder turns pale yellow after heating, and turns dark yellow after fusion. Tellurium dioxide has unique characteristics, is an indispensable part of acousto-optic products, and has good diffraction efficiency, and can work well at most power levels.

What are the uses of TeO2 powder?
Can be used in different fields depending on its purity and form.
1. Glass shaper for tellurite glass powder, single crystal tellurium dioxide for optical equipment, front silver paste for solar cells, rubber vulcanization accelerator, electroplating chemical additives.
2. Used to color ceramics.
3. For optical refraction applications, such as optical fibers and free products.
4. Used in high-speed or high-resolution equipment that needs to handle high laser power.
5. Used to prepare single crystal tellurium dioxide, infrared equipment, acousto-optic equipment, infrared window materials, electronic components and preservatives, etc. Packed in polyethylene bottles.
6. Used as an acousto-optic deflection element.
7. Used for disinfection, identification of bacteria in vaccines, etc.
8. Preparation of two to six kinds of compound semiconductors, thermoelectric conversion elements, refrigeration elements, piezoelectric crystals and infrared detectors. It is used as an acousto-optic material.
9. Tellurium dioxide is also a reluctant glass former. It can form glass under appropriate cooling conditions or with a small amount of mol% of the second compound (such as oxide or halide). TeO2 glass has a high refractive index and can be transmitted to the middle of the glass. The infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so it has important technical value in optical waveguides. Tellurite glass also shows a silicon Raman gain of up to 30 times, which is very useful in fiber amplification.

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