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Take you to understand the preparation and storage of As2S3

Inwin-style News 2021-03-25
Overview of As2S3
As2S3 is an inorganic compound, also known as styrene sulfide. The ore is called orpiment. It is a symbiotic mineral of realgar (As2S2). It shares the expression of "mineral mandarin duck".
Orpiment is mostly fine-grained, flaky or columnar, and some are kidney-shaped, mostly with pearly luster. Pure arsenic trisulfide is lemon-yellow and easily turns dark when exposed to the air.
The hardness is very low, the Mohs hardness is only 1.5 to 2.0, and it is easy to grind. Therefore, it was used as a color paint for painting and construction in history, and it was often used on palaces, temples and other buildings.
It belongs to the monoclinic system, which is a layered crystal lattice composed of (As2S3)n. It melts into a red liquid at 300°C and boils at 707°C without decomposition. Arsenic trisulfide is hardly soluble in water and insoluble in mineral acids, but it is soluble in sodium sulfide, alkali metal hydroxides and carbonates.
Arsenic trisulfide is a semiconductor with a direct band gap of 2.7 eV. Its wide band gap makes it transparent to infrared between 620 nm and 11 μm.
As2S3 exists in two forms: crystalline and amorphous. Both forms have a polymer structure composed of triangular pyramid As centers connected by sulfide centers. The sulfide center has dual coordination with two arsenic atoms. In crystalline form, the compound has a corrugated sheet structure. The bond between the flakes is composed of van der Waals forces. Crystalline forms are usually found in geological samples. Amorphous As2S3 has no layered structure, but has a higher degree of crosslinking.

Is As2S3 toxic to human body
As2S3 is a toxic chemical substance. It cannot be swallowed or exposed to the skin. It will irritate the skin and cause cancer in severe cases. It is very toxic to aquatic organisms and has long-lasting effects.
Therefore, in order to prevent hazards, it should be placed in a locked position to avoid exposure to the environment.

Application of As2S3 powder
Na3AsS3 is called sodium thioarsenite, and it can also exist in the form of the partial salt NaAsS2. Arsenous sulfide is unstable and easily decomposes.
The properties of arsenic trisulfide can be used for the separation and identification of arsenic compounds. Arsenic trisulfide can be obtained by passing hydrogen sulfide in a hydrochloric acid solution of arsenic trioxide, or eutecticing arsenic and sulfur. It can be used as pigments, reducing agents and medicines.

How to store As2S3 powder
Humid air will affect the dispersion performance and use effect of arsenic sulfide As2S3 powder. Therefore, arsenic sulfide As2S3 powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room. Arsenic sulfide As2S3 powder should not be exposed to the air. In addition, the use of arsenic sulfide As2S3 powder under pressure should be avoided.

Orpiment is the "correction fluid" for correcting typos
The main component of orpiment is As2S3. In ancient times, people who wrote wrong words usually applied the powder made of orpiment to the wrong place for modification.

As2S3 chalcogenide film driven by solid solution phase: optical and picosecond nonlinear optical properties
The researchers demonstrated the fabrication and nonlinear optical (NLO) characterization of chalcogenide glass films obtained from the solution phase driving method. The characterization of the film was studied using FESEM, AFM, Raman microscopy, FTIR, UV-Vis spectroscopy, optical profilometry and XRD. The NLO study of solution-driven and thermally deposited As2S3 films was carried out using Z-scan technology with 2ps and 800nm laser pulses. The results obtained by AFM measurement show that the surface roughness of the film is very low (~2nm), and the Z scan data shows that the nonlinear refractive index is in the range of 1.0-11.0×10-18m2/W.

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