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What does aerogel look like?

Inwin-style News 2021-04-22
What is aerogel?
Aerogel is a solid material form, one of the world's low-density solids, also known as aerogel. When most of the solvent is removed from the gel, the liquid content in the gel is much less than the solid content, or the medium in the spatial network structure of the gel is gas and the appearance is solid. This is called aerogel, such as Gelatin, gum arabic, silica gel, etc. It has the characteristics of high elasticity and strong adsorption, and can be used in energy storage devices, heat insulation materials and space probes.
What color is the aerogel?
This aerogel is translucent and light blue in color and is extremely lightweight, so people also call it "solid smoke." The new aerogel was developed by Dr. Stephen Jones, a materials scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory under NASA. Its main component is silica like glass, but because 99.8% of it is air, its density is only one-thousandth of glass.

What are the characteristics of silica aerogel?
Silica aerogel has high surface area, high porosity and light weight, but has mechanical rigidity. It will undoubtedly find a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Silica aerogels can also be chemically modified to suit specific applications. The silica aerogel material has a uniform nano-particle skeleton structure, uniform size and pore size distribution, which makes it have extremely low density and thermal conductivity, so silica has excellent thermal insulation and protection properties. The extremely low density increases the heat conduction path of the solid, which effectively reduces the heat conduction of the solid; and the addition of sunscreen can greatly increase the specific extinction coefficient and reduce the radiant heat conduction, so that it has an extremely low thermal conductivity.

Uses of aerogels
1. Make Mars Expedition Spacesuit
2. Bulletproof is not afraid of being bombed
3. It can handle ecological disasters
4. The tennis racket has a stronger ability to hit the ball
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