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Isopentenol polyether

Isopentenol Polyether is water soluble and compatible with different components. Isopentenol: It is a surface active agent that is non-ionic and has a good water solubility. A variety of components also have a good solubility. It is a global trus…


The function of Powder Defoamer

Powder defoamer is a solid powder defoamer. Powder defoamer is often used in the building materials industry, which can more quickly eliminate the foam problems caused by technological problems in the construction industry.…


What are the applications of indium powder?

What is indium powder?It is mainly used in the electronic conductive paste for silicon solar cells. At the same time, indium is also widely used in the manufacture of "fusion" materials, various alloys (such as advanced bearing alloys, low melting po…

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