Basic knowledge of calcium nitride

Ca3N2, the full name of calcium nitride, is a reddish brown crystalline solid composed of calcium and nitrogen. The appearance is reddish brown. Calcium nitride will decompose in contact with water to form calcium hydroxide and release ammon…


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Introduction to the production and function of HCG and the application of 4th gen hiv test

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), produced primarily by differentiated syncytiotrophoblasts, is a key embryonic signal necessary for the maintenance of pregnancy. hCG can activate various signaling levels in multiple cell types through binding to l…


As a supplier of molybdenum disulfide will provide you with high-quality molybdenum disulfide products and services

The molybdenum compound disulfide, as an important organic substance, has been used extensively in a variety of areas. Molybdenum is a compound that has many applications. As technology and science continue to advance, its demand will also increase.…


What are the Characteristics of Nitinol

Nitinol is a nickel as well as titanium alloy that contains concerning half nickel.Although it was found in the very early 1960s, Nitinol would certainly take years to get to the market because of troubles come across in processing as well as manufac…

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