Basic knowledge of calcium nitride

Ca3N2, the full name of calcium nitride, is a reddish brown crystalline solid composed of calcium and nitrogen. The appearance is reddish brown. Calcium nitride will decompose in contact with water to form calcium hydroxide and release ammon…


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What is Bismuth Oxide Powder

Among the many different kinds of micro-powders, bismuth oxide powder is among one of the most flexible and also useful. The oxide is utilized in the synthesis of various compounds, including those utilized in the pharmaceutical and also biotechnolog…


PDS Potassium dodecyl sulfate CAS 4706-78-9, 90%

The powder is white, yellow or slightly orange. It has a mild smell and it dissolves in water. The aqueous solutions is transparent or translucent, and has no color.Solid Content: >=90% Potassium dodecylsulfate is a chemical compound that can be us…


Why molybdenum powder is one of the trace elements necessary for plants

What is molybdenum powder?Molybdenum powder is difficult along with flexible. It still has high strength at very warms. It is steady in air at normal temperature levels as well as burns to produce molybdenum trioxide at warms. It can be integrated wi…

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