Metal Alloy High Purity Titanium Sputtering Target

Titanium Sputtering targets are used frequently in flat display coatings, hardware tool coating, decorative coat, semiconductor components and for semiconductor components. This is one reason it's used in the preparation of integrated circuits. Hig…


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Trends in CLC foaming agents

The compound of lightweight concrete additives is a trend. Because even if the performance of a single variety is excellent, it is impossible to meet more and more stringent technical requirements.…


TR30 CLC Foaming Machine Concrete Foam Generator

TR30 foam generator developed by our company. It can be used in laboratories, small-scale foam concrete cast-in-situ projects, and pilot lines of foam concrete products. The outstanding advantages of TR30 foam generator are low foam moisture content,…


What is Max phase material

What is Max stage material?The MAX phase is a split hexagonal carbide and also nitride with a general formula: M n+1 AX< below style="font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: typical; orphans:2; text-align: start; widows:2; -webkit-text-str…

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