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What is Spherical Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Used For

What is Aluminum Oxide Al2O3?Aluminum oxide is a kind of not natural with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is a high firmness substance.It is a white strong insoluble in water, odorless, tasteless, and incredibly difficult. The melting factor is 2054 ℃…


Is Inconel Stronger Than Steel

What is Inconel 718?Inconel 718 is a nickel-based superalloy. The distinct alloy make-up style of IN718 makes it have great comprehensive residential properties, specifically high toughness, creep resistance as well as tiredness life, good ductility,…


How strong is the bactericidal effect of nano silver

What is the function of nano silver? Nano silver is composed of nanoparticles made up of silver. They are utilized as antifungal and antibacterial agents for production processes and water treatment, and consumer products (such as cosmetics, clothin…

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