Sodium Gluconate

One type of sodium polyhydroxy caroxylic acid known as sodium glutonate is sodium gluconate. This is a white or yellow crystal granule, or powder. It can be dissolved easily in water and alcohol. Description about sodium gluconateSodium gluconate (al…


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SOE-Modified ethoxylated oil

Good compatibility, low-foam, decontamination, and good emulsification abilities. Mild performance. The SOE Modified ethoxylated oils: Low foam, excellent compatibility, mild performance, little irritation. It is a global trusted brand SOE Modi…


LF-84mn ethoxylated propoxylated CAS 68002-96-0

Ethoxylated propoxylated, a non-ionic low-foam surfactant, has a high resistance to hardwater and electrolytes as well as excellent lubrication properties. The ethoxylated and propoxylated is: Ethoxylated propoxylated has excellent emulsification…


The properties and preparation method of Sb2S3

Sb2S3 is dark gray crystal or powder. Gradually oxidize in the exposed air. Water, acetic acid and acetic acid, dissolve concentrated hydrochloric acid, alcohol, ammonium sulfide and potassium sulfide solutions. , With strong reducibility, t…

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