Why does properly poured concrete end up cracking

It is very easy to cause concrete cracking if the construction or maintenance are not done correctly. What are then the five main causes of cracking concrete? 1. The cement problem: Some workers in construction will add more water for a more fluid co…


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What is lithium stearate used for

What is lithium stearate?Lithium stearate is the lithium salt of stearic acid. It originates from lithium hydroxide and cooking butter or various other animal fats.It is utilized as general oil and also provides high water resistance. Because it can…


Why aluminum silicon carbide can guarantee the high thermal conductivity of materials

What is Aluminum Silicon Carbide?Silicon carbide can be found in common grinding wheels, blades, and aluminum silicon carbide. Its hardness rating is higher than that of corundum but lower than boron-carbide, cubic boron-nitride and diamond. This cer…


Will iron ore demand remain marginally weakened, will it affect the price of the investment shell casting

In the medium term, China's domestic iron ore demand will maintain a marginal weakening trend. On the one hand, in the "strong infrastructure and weak real estate" pattern, the end demand improvement is expected to be weak, iron ore demand will also…

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