Is Zirconium Carbide ZrC a Ceramic?

Since the beginning of this year, people around the world have felt the pressure of rising prices. Not only the rise in oil prices but also different industries have seen soaring prices. According to the latest data, from August 2021 to the present,…


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As international oil prices hit a 14-year high, the impact of the soaring prices of PP, PC and PE, the world's "king of bulk commodities", began to spread downstream of the petrochemical industry chain, the plastic industry bears the brunt.…


Main Performance of Foam Concrete

Foam concrete has a low density. In practical application, the density grade of ordinary foam concrete is 300 kg/m3~1200kg/m3.…


Boron Powder Amorphous Boron Powder amorphous boron introduction

About Boron Powder Amorphous Boron Powder the amorphous boron…

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